An appeal made by the lawyers of Shonovia Thomas, who was convicted of manslaughter in July 2010 after stabbing her ex-boyfriend with a rat-tail comb, was recently dismissed.

The High Court of Appeal did, however, lessen her 10-year prison sentence by 14 months and 15 days.

Ms. Thomas is represented by Tana’ania Small-Davis and Akilah Anderson, while Senior Crown Counsel Valston Graham appeared for the Crown.

The 14 months and 15 days that were deducted from Ms. Thomas’ sentence represent the time she spent on remand after her arrest and leading up to her conviction of manslaughter.

“I am driven to the conclusion that the time spent on remand was not properly taken into account and real effect was not given to it,” the ruling states. “I therefore agree with Ms. Small-[Davis] that [Ms. Thomas] was not credited for the time spent on remand.”

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