Cyclists ride out of Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda during Sunday’s mountain bike race. (Photo: TODD VANSICKLE)

Most of the mountain bikers competing in Sunday’s race on Virgin Gorda said the same thing as they rode up one of the steepest hills on the course: “It keeps going?”

The majority of the cyclists had to walk their bikes up the long incline on the north side of Gorda Peak.

“The hardest thing is Gorda Peak. It keeps going on and on and on,” Gareth Thomas said. “The nice thing is that it is paved now.”

The more than 14-mile race around VG started and finished at the Mine Shaft Cafe. Cyclists  proceeded throughout The Valley to Nail Bay and back down Gorda Peak.

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Mr. Thomas was the winner of the race with a time of 1 hour and 10 minutes. It was his third win this  season. He said the weather was perfect with overcast conditions, but the course still posed its challenges.

“Today’s race is always tough when you come over here and you have to go up Gorda Peak,” Mr. Thomas said. “It was a very nice race, we got lucky with the clouds.”

Eighteen cyclists competed in the event, with most of them travelling by boat from Tortola. A Dive BVI boat was used to bring the cyclists to VG from Trellis Bay, which left around 6:30 a.m. Mr. Thomas said the water was flat and the cyclists were excited about the race during the ride over.

1. Gareth Thomas, 1:10’
2. Matt Crossman, 1:15’
3. Anthony Spencer, 1: 20’
4. Adrian Dale, 1:25’
5. Anghel George, 1:29’
6. Alastair Abrehart, 1:38’
7. Jim Cullimore, 1:39’
8.  John Shirley,  1:39’
9. Colen Corea, 1:39’
10. Joe Giacinto,  1:41’
11. Gary Wilson, 1:43’
12. Rusty Burns, 1:55’
13. Kay Reddy,  2:13’
14. Philomena Robertson,  2:19’
15. Tom Merrigan,  2: 31’
16. Barney Nockolds, DNF
17. Mark Bailey, DNF

1. John Cullimore 19 minutes


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