Three more men were arrested in relation to burglaries in and around the Road Town area last week, according to police.

K’Shoy Alexander, 18, of Huntums Ghut, and Juwan Potter, 22, of Baughers Bay, were both charged with illegally entering the Royal Shop on Flemming Street late last month.

A third male, Kyle Baronville, 28, was charged with burglary and handling stolen goods in connection to a separate burglary at a location police did not name.

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews commended the Criminal Investigations Department Burglary Team, which police said was created specifically to identify the culprits involved in recent business burglaries.

“The CID Burglary Team is making great inroads in apprehending those few individuals who obviously intend to make a living from businesses trying to get back on their feet from the storms of last year,” Mr. Matthews said. “I appreciate the long hours already spent by the burglary team and I expect there will be more arrests.”

Detectives also warned owners of electronic items, jewellery and tools to mark those items in concealed places so they are identifiable if recovered by police after a break-in.

Anyone with information about people breaking into local businesses is asked to contact the police Intelligence Unit at 368-9339.