Three men were charged last week for burgling local businesses, police reported on Wednesday.

Michael Ashby, of Road Town, and Reynaldo Hewlett, 36, of Huntums Ghut, were charged separately for illegally entering businesses: one, a restaurant in Baughers Bay and the other a commercial business in the Road Town area, according to police, who did not name the businesses or say which man was suspected of which crime.

Mr. Hewlett was also charged with an additional count of burglary for allegedly entering the same premises twice, as well as being charged with escaping lawful custody.

Shamoi Dagou, 24, of Belle Vue, was also charged last week with illegal entry in a commercial burglary that allegedly occurred in 2017.

Police did not name any of the businesses.

Burglars have been targeting construction offices and worksites where valuable tools and cash are stored in recent weeks, police said.

“Officers of the Criminal Investigation Department have been actively investigating a number of commercial burglaries in Road Town and Wickhams Cay II area,” according to a press release from Police Information Officer Diane Drayton.

Anyone with information about the additional perpetrators is asked to contact the Criminal Investigations Departments by calling 311, or the police Intelligence Unit at 368-9339. All information will be held in the “strictest confidence,” police said.