Three chief inspectors within the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force were recently promoted to the rank of superintendent, the Police Information Office announced recently.

Selwyn Rock and Dariel Robinson were promoted to the rank of superintendent in charge of the Territorial and Operations divisions, respectively.

Their promotions are effective immediately. Messrs. Rock and Robinson had been acting in the posts for more than a year, the police noted. Meanwhile, Paula Alleyne was promoted to superintendent in charge of the Crime Division, but she will continue to act in the post until the promotion takes effect on July 15.

The promotions followed recommendations made to Governor John Rankin by the Police Service Commission and ratified by the National Security Council, according to the Police Information Office.

Police Commissioner Mark Collins congratulated the officers and encouraged others to prepare for upcoming opportunities. “The [police force] takes pride in being able to grow our numbers not only at the bottom with new recruits, but at the top as well, thus opening opportunities for other officers to move up in rank,” he said.

“We have now confirmed three superintendents, which would make way for promotions to the chief inspector rank, for which the process is being finalised. I urge all who qualify to prepare themselves for possible advancement.”