The Nov. 6, 2012 stabbing death of Tishawn Henley occurred after an argument with his half-brother Michael Jack about a car antenna, jurors heard Monday.

Mr. Jack faces murder charges in connection with the stabbing, which occurred around 6 p.m. at Georges Northside, where both of the men’s families live.

The Crown called four witnesses Monday, including Mr. Henley’s girlfriend Cacey Christopher, who testified that she’d seen an argument involving the two men.

Though she didn’t see the actual stabbing, she saw the men pushing and shouting at each other outside the Georges Northside residence, she testified.

Crown Counsel Leslie-Ann Faulkner asked the witness to describe the relationship between the half-brothers. Ms. Christopher said she thought it was good.

“I’ve never seen them in any kind of argument or confrontations,” she said.

Mr. Henley’s father, Odain Henley, testified that he received a phone call from Tishawn and gave him a ride home to Georges Northside.

By 7 p.m. the father had gone to Nanny Cay, where he received a call advising him to go straight to Peebles Hospital.

“When we came inside he was already dead,” Mr. Henley said of his son.

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