Police have charged Mekhi Hesky, 18, of no fixed place of abode, with burglary and criminal damage for removing or damaging CCTV cameras outside four businesses between Macnamara and Pickering Street, Police Information Officer Diane Drayton stated in a March 29 press release.

Mr. Hesky was granted police bail to appear before Magistrates’ Court at a later date, Ms. Drayton added.

Additionally, Marvin Gumbs, also of no fixed place of abode, was charged with theft for allegedly entering and taking items from at least two vehicles in the vicinity of Macnamara, Ms. Drayton stated.

Mr. Gumbs also was granted police bail to appear later before Magistrates’ Court, Ms. Drayton stated.

In observance of Easter, the court is closed from Monday of this week until April 9.

“Police investigations are ongoing into these matters,” Ms. Drayton stated.