After stopping a “suspicious vehicle” on Saturday night in the Fat Hogs Bay area, police arrested two men for drug and firearm offences, they said.

Keanus Smart, 18, of Free Bottom, and Khaleed Francis, 24, of Nottingham Estate, were in a vehicle that was pulled over shortly after 11 p.m. by police on routine patrol, according to the Police Information Office.

“The vehicle was stopped and searched, and a quantity of drugs were found,” according to a PIO press release issued Tuesday. “Two male occupants of the vehicle were subsequently arrested on suspicion of possession. The scene was revisited the following morning, and a firearm was found in nearby bushes.”

A separate press release issued later on Tuesday stated that ammunition was also found “during the initial vehicle interception.”

Both men were charged with unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply; unlawful possession of a controlled drug; keeping an unlicensed firearm; and unlawful possession of explosives, police said.

They added that the pair were in custody pending their appearance at the Magistrates’ Court.