A video circulating on WhatsApp appears to show two men robbed at gunpoint at 3 a.m. on Feb. 24 outside The Edge Reloaded nightclub in Long Bush, Police Information Officer Akia Thomas said.

In the video, the alleged thief, apparently tall and burly and dressed head to toe in black, approaches two men standing in a parking lot. As he points a handgun at the pair, they appear to place their jewellery and the contents of their pockets into a black bag he holds out.

“Investigations are ongoing,” Ms. Thomas said. The information officer did not provide further details or issue a press release after receiving the report.

“We are gathering additional information before one is sent,” she explained.

The video obtained by the Beacon has no sound, but the alleged thief appears to talk to the men as they hand over their valuables.

One of the alleged victims appears to smoke for the duration of the incident, and at one point walks over to a nearby car and reclines on it while the alleged thief continues to accost the other man.

The smoking man then walks over to where the alleged assailant holds the other man at gunpoint, and both men are patted down.

Afterwards, the alleged robber walks away, apparently firing the gun in the air.

On the club’s Facebook page, management wrote, “We were bewildered to learn two young men got mugged in the area adjacent to our establishment a few nights ago. It was a very unfortunate event that occurred outside our business hours.”

The message added, “We here at the Edge encourage the genera lpublic to stay safe at all times.”