Meteorologists at AccuWeather forecasted a near-to-slightly-above-normal hurricane season in 2019, predicting the year will see 12-14 tropical storm formations.

Of those storms, they predicted five to seven will become hurricanes and two to four will become major hurricanes.

“This year, we think that there will be a few less tropical storms and lower numbers in hurricanes, but again, the old saying is ‘it only takes one,’” said Dan Kottlowski, an AccuWeather Atlantic hurricane expert.

Sharleen DaBreo, the director of the Department of Disaster Management, issued a warning to residents of the Virgin Islands to begin preparations and remain in a state of readiness throughout the storm season.

“As a government we have the responsibility to get ready but we rely on individuals to be prepared as our plans can only be effective if there is a high level of individual attention paid to getting organised,” she said in a press release, noting that government has put in place its own “readiness plan” for 2019.

The National Disaster Management Council approved the plan at its annual meeting in late March, according to Government Information Services.

The plan calls for all government-owned facilities to have regularly tested continuity plans.

“Work has been started in this regard on a number of buildings but it is important that we identify how we will protect public servants, critical equipment, vehicles and documents in the event of any significant impacts that might occur this year,” Governor Gus Jaspert said in a press release.