In an effort to take guns off the street in the wake of shootings that have rocked the Virgin Islands, government and police will allow residents to turn in illegal weapons without fear of prosecution, Police Information Officer Diane Drayton stated on Monday.

During the two-week Firearm and Offensive Weapon Amnesty, which starts Monday, residents can turn in guns and other illegal weapons such as daggers, flick knives, gravity knives and knuckle dusters to any police station in the territory, Ms. Drayton stated.

“This is a truce, a peace treaty of sorts. All my officers know that no one can be arrested or prosecuted if an illegal weapon is surrendered during the amnesty period,” said Police Commissioner Mark Collins.

“In turn, we are asking that these weapons be handed over to us, whether directly or through a trusted person. We want to restore our tranquil way of life, a peaceful co-existence.”

Police confiscated 45 total firearms in the last four months, including 23 in the last month, but there are still many illegal weapons within the community, Ms. Drayton stated.