The United Kingdom government has responded to its parliament’s Feb. 21 Foreign Affairs Committee report calling for the phasing out of belongership and the imposition of same-sex marriage in the overseas territories, according to the Governor’s Office.

That response, however, has not been made public, and the FAC and UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office did not respond to requests for comment about when it will be released.

Governor Gus Jaspert said at a press conference on March 15 that the FCO had two months after the Feb. 21 submission to respond to the re- port, which drew indignation across the OTs.

But the April 21 deadline has come and gone, and the web page for the report on the UK parliament’s website states, “Awaiting government response.”

Arliene Penn, the executive private secretary for the Governor’s Office, said that the UK government committed to responding to the FAC within two months of publication, but not to publicising its response.

“The UK government undertook to give a detailed response to the [FAC] on the report within two months of publication,” Ms. Penn wrote on April 30. “Although the government response will be published by the FAC in due course when they have had a chance to consider it, no commitment was made on the timing of publication.”