I am 70 percent happy with the 2012 United States election results, but I am 30 percent disappointed because the Republicans have regained the Congress.

In re-electing Barack Obama, the US will move forward in policies that will continue the creation of jobs, provide affordable health care for all citizens, ensure comprehensive immigration reform and be assertive in foreign policy. On the other hand, the Republican Congress that had the all-time lowest favorability ratings during the previous term seems set on the continuation of blocking progressive policies rather than working with the president.

While President Obama and the Democrats worked tirelessly to save the US from the worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression, the Republican Congress and senior supporters like Rush Limbaugh vowed to make the president a one-term president. They voted 85 percent of the time against legislation that was created to save jobs, make health care accessible to all Americans, and reform immigration policies.

President Obama’s bailout policies prevented the collapse of the auto industry, the banks and the insurance companies, saving over 300,000 jobs, and to date the bailout monies were paid back. As for Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, his position remains the same, which is to let them go bankrupt. The Republicans, who tried their utmost to make President Obama fail, in their single-minded attempt were actually trying to make the US fail.

After the elections

In the aftermath of the elections, Mr. Romney said President Obama only won because he gave “big gifts” to blacks, Latinos and young people. The Republicans were so engrossed in their quest to make Obama a one-term president that they totally missed the progressive policies that he put in place – equal pay for women, women’s right to choose, education reform, equal rights for same-sex marriages, and an executive order that defers deportation for undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children, with the promise of implementing the Dream Act.

As a Democrat, I often argue with my brother, who is a Republican, about the difference in policies between the two parties. My brother, along with many other Republicans, believes that the US cannot afford health care for all its citizens and that the unions should be abolished. As a union electrician, I know firsthand the benefits and protection the union provides. The union is the backbone of the middle class.

The American dream

Most Americans believe that people who have an education and play by the rules can achieve the American dream. President Obama is one of the most intelligent US presidents, along with former President Bill Clinton, who was a Rhodes Scholar. Yet the Republicans show President Obama no respect. The racist tone that was predominant during the elections and which continues is rather disappointing. As a US Marine veteran who put his life on the line to serve and protect all Americans, I am very hurt to see my people being discriminated against.

Under the Bush-Cheney administration, a war was started under the pretence of the search for weapons of mass destruction. Many lives were lost and debt was created, but the Democrats never disrespected President George W. Bush. My respect goes out to President Obama not because he is black but because he is a Democrat and Democrats care about the people. I love the US, but I cannot truly say it is the greatest country in the world because of its racism, sexism, lack of health care for all its citizens, and high college fees.