A Virgin Gorda man was fined more than $1,000 last Thursday for assaulting his significant other and breaking her phone.

Upon entering his home on Nov. 17, 2018, Theodore Wiclisle saw that the woman was speaking on the phone, according to Crown Counsel Kael London. When he asked her who she was speaking to, she wouldn’t tell him, and he became enraged, Mr. London said.

Mr. Wiclisle took the woman’s phone from her and threw it at a wall, which frightened her, according to the prosecutor. The woman asked Mr. Wiclisle if she could go outside, but he would not let her, and instead took her into the bedroom, pushed her onto the bed, and ripped off her underwear, Mr. London said.

Eventually, the woman got free and began walking to the police station, according to the prosecutor.

“While walking to the police station, the defendant pushed [the woman] in the back, causing her to fall to her knees,” Mr.London said. “The defendant then slapped her.”

As defence, the woman bit Mr. Wiclisle’s finger, and then she got into a vehicle and drove to the police station to report the crime, Mr. London said.

Magistrate Jack Husbands ordered Mr. Wiclisle to pay a $500 fine for breaking the woman’s phone, as well as a $700 fine for assaulting her.

If he fails to pay the fines, Mr. Wiclisle will spend two weeks in prison, Mr. Husbands said.

No translator

Mr. Wiclisle, a Spanish speaker with shaky English, represented himself in court, and was not provided with a translator.

After reading Mr. Wiclisle a description of his alleged crimes, Mr. Husbands asked the defendant how he pleaded, but Mr. Wiclisle didn’t seem to understand.

Mr. Husbands asked him if he understood English, and Mr.Wiclisle responded, “Not well.”

“Culpable?” Mr. Husbands asked in Spanish, to help the defendant understand the question.

Mr. Wiclisle then indicated that he understood the question and pleaded guilty to both crimes. While Mr. Wiclisle acknowledged that his actions were wrong, he added that the woman has since forgiven him for his violence.

“I was wrong. … I should have asked her who she’s talking to,” Mr. Wiclisle said, adding, “She forgave me since that time.”