Public Relations Officer Ronsdale Brown for the Virgin Gorda Cricket Association was preparing to play a game Saturday evening at the VG Recreation Grounds.

The association is currently hosting a wind ball or tape ball tournament. There six teams participating.

“You can say [it] it is alive and well,” Mr. Brown said.

The tournament is in its first round and will continue until May or June. The matches are played each Friday and Saturday starting at 7:30 p.m. The format is a 20/20.

“It is friendly, but a serious friendly,” Mr. Brown said. “We go out there to play to our best ability. Every team goes out there with the intention to win. That is how we play cricket here.”

There are a range of athletes who compete in the league, including players who have “represented the BVI” in various tournaments around the region.  Others are not as familiar with the game, but are just as competitive and looking to have fun.

Mr. Brown has taken an active role in the association, by not only playing in matches, but also helping out on the field as an umpire. In the past, hosting tournaments have been very successful. Despite a two-year hiatus, the VGCA is ready to restart tournament play.

“We have had a very good turnout and sponsors,” Mr. Brown said.

He added that one of the problems that the association now faces is a lack of sponsorship. He acknowledged that cricket isn’t “really a BVI sport,” but he believes there is plenty of interest. Some of the incentives the VGCA would like to do is award players a man-of-the-match fee. But due to the lack of sponsorship, the association is unable to take on such initiatives, which is degrading the sport, according to the public relations officer.

“If there is no money into anything, it can’t function properly,” Mr. Brown said.

The hardball tournament will start in June. Mr. Brown said organisers are still looking for a venue for the tournament on Tortola, but he believes it will be held on VG again.

Matches continue this Friday and Saturday.