The St. George’s Liturgical Dancers hold candles during the BVI Cancer Society vigil on Sunday at the Central Administration Building breezeway. Photo: NGOVOU GYANG

When Rosie Dawson learned she had breast cancer in December 2009, she was afraid. “When you hear the word cancer, it is a bad word,” she said Tuesday. “Nobody wants to hear that.”

But because she had discovered the disease early, she was able to beat it: A month after her diagnosis, she had a complete mastectomy, and she is now cancer free.

“Early detection is key,” Ms. Dawson said. “Make sure you do your yearly checkup and do your self exams. If you notice anything abnormal, go see your doctor.”

Throughout this month, Ms. Dawson and other members of the BVI Cancer Society have conducted several outreach activities for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Robertin Vanterpool, public relations officer for the BVI Cancer Society, said the month had been a success, though hectic.

The activities ended with a vigil at the Central Administration Building breezeway on Sunday.

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