The Taddy Bay Airport on Virgin Gorda is likely to reopen in mid-September, the BVI Airports Authority announced Monday.

The facility closed in April because officials were concerned that its firetruck, which was soaked with seawater in Hurricane Irma, would break down soon, BVIAA Managing Director Denniston Fraser said at the time.

Now, a “rapid intervention firefighting vehicle” sourced from the United States is being refurbished to meet the VG airport’s regulatory requirements, according to the BVIAA.

“Two technicians from the authority are currently in South Carolina overseeing the refurbishment of the vehicle and are also gaining practical experience on the operation thereof,” a Monday press release stated.

Meanwhile, arrangements are being made to resurface the runway in preparation for the vehicle’s arrival, and plans to construct a building to house it have already been approved by the Town and Country Planning Department, according to the BVIAA.

Mr. Fraser said in April that a replacement vehicle would cost at least $650,000-$700,000, and would take five to six months to acquire.

He also said that the BVIAA hoped to secure a secondhand truck — likely to cost at least $300,000 with the help of donations — that could allow the airport to reopen in a matter of weeks.

The cost of the vehicle that was ultimately acquired was not announced, and attempts to reach Mr. Fraser were not immediately successful.

While the airport is shuttered, all 12 of its BVIAA employees were redeployed in various capacities, the managing director said at the time.

The closure was effective April 22.