Booths line both sides of Lee Road near the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour for Christmas in Spanish Town. (Photo: Rushton Skinner)

Vendors lined Lee Road in Spanish Town on Friday and Saturday to give Virgin Gorda residents their counterpart to Road Town’s Christmas in the City the previous weekend.

As fungi bands and other musicians played, attendees browsed tables full of gifts, clothes, local food and drink, and other offerings. This year also saw a first: On Saturday, Health and Social Development Minister Vincent Wheatley oversaw an inaugural coconut tart competition, where the winners took home $100 for third place, $150 for second, and $250 for the best homemade coconut tart.

For the event, organised by Joyce Stevens and her sister Coretta Stevens-Redhead, five competitors faced off in front of three judges looking for the best presentation, taste and texture.

“The idea came about because we have so many talented bakers on VG,” Ms. Stevens said. “I decided, along with my sister, to bring them to the forefront this Christmas.”

Ms. Stevens said she would like to see the competition continue in the future, though she laughed at the idea of having the judges eat any more than they did.

“Each judge had three slices of tart to taste,” Ms. Stevens said. “So in all, 15 pieces of coconut tart they had to taste.”

Some familiar faces appeared in booths as small businesses sought to spread awareness about their wares.

Curtison Haywood, who is the owner and operator of the apparel brand I Am, offered locally designed shirts and accessories — just as he had the previous weekend in Road Town.

Mr. Haywood’s business is nearly five years old, and he has been attending such events for more than two years.

“I did it last year, and yeah, it was very good to help push the brand forward,” he said. “This year, yeah, we try to push it even further.”

Mehol Solanki, co-founder of Melana World, explains the eco-friendly products he sells in the Virgin Islands during Christmas in Spanish Town. (Photo: Rushton Skinner)

Mehol Solanki, who moved to Virgin Gorda from India about two months ago, showcased products offered by his business Melana World.

“We manufacture a lot of solar products back home in India,” Mr. Solanki said. “Our main focus is on green energy. That’s what we’re trying to bring here on the island, because we see a lot of electricity bills.”

Mr. Solanki, who goes by Mario, also sells small wind turbines and various solar products.

“It’s going good; people are liking it,” Mr. Solanki said about his time at Christmas in Spanish Town. “I mean, right now, the people are coming in, so I hope they like it. The word is already out. People know about the brand.”

Joycelyn “Sistah Joyce” Searles was representing Stretch Your Dollar for a friend.

“We have all sorts of toys for the kids,” Ms. Searles said. “All sorts of body washes and lotions and aftershaves and gifts for all, both male, female and children.”

Ms. Searles also wanted to inform the community that Stretch Your Dollar recently moved from Mermaid Dockside to the former college building in Spanish Town.