More than 1.5 metric tonnes of suspected cocaine was seized from two boats intercepted in Anguilla waters Friday during a joint operation carried out by law enforcers from this territory, Anguilla, the United States, and the United Kingdom, according to the Police Information Office.

Six people were arrested, and the two boats were seized along with 60 bales of suspected cocaine, VI police stated Saturday. Besides the Royal VI Police Force and its marine branch, the “joint international anti-narcotic smuggling operation” involved US law enforcement authorities, “international partners,” the UK National Crime Agency, the Royal Anguilla Police Force, and the Anguilla Customs Department, according to the PIO.

“The RAPF and Anguilla Customs have taken over investigations into this matter,” VI police stated in a press release that didn’t provide further details.

The names of the detainees were not released, and no information was provided about the boats’ origin or why so many international agencies were involved.

“This success characterises the ongoing international collaboration of law enforcement entities throughout the Caribbean, which continues to disrupt and dismantle organised criminality that can negatively impact the lives of everyone,” the PIO release added.