As the Bahamas works to pass climate change legislation this week, the Virgin Islands has eyes in the room.

Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration Minister Vincent Wheatley is in the country attending high-level meetings on a carbon credit legislative and regulatory framework as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation, according to Government Information Services.

He also met with officials of the Bahamas Climate Change Advisory Unit on the country’s Climate Change and Carbon Market Initiatives Bill, 2022, and he was scheduled to attend the Bahamas House of Assembly yesterday to witness the de- bate on the bill’s merits.

Also on his discussion agenda was the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Article Six and related implementation challenges.

Additionally, Mr. Wheatley is taking part in meetings on climate financing, as well as environmental, social and corporate governance, according to GIS.

He also met with the non-governmental organisation Beneath the Waves and with the senior policy advisor on the introduction of the Bahamas Sovereign Wealth Fund Bill, 2022.

Best practices

Mr. Wheatley said he is observing practices in the Bahamas that can be adapted and built upon in this territory.

“The Bahamas is similar in landscape to the Virgin Islands and is also a small island developing state that feels the effects of climate change firsthand, although we are not the ones that are the biggest contributors to climate change,” he said, adding, “I have visited several of their facilities and spoke with key persons that are directly involved in their fight to preserve their natural resources. I am confident that we are on the right track to mitigate and protect our islands from the growing effects of climate change.”

Mr. Wheatley will continue to visit facilities throughout the Bahamas with officials from the Office of the Prime Minister to observe procedures relating to environmental conservation and preservation.

“Now that I have met with key stakeholders and non-governmental organisations, I am reassured that with all that we have in common and our shared goals, that we can collaborate in the fight against climate change by pooling our resources so that each territory will mutually benefit in partnerships going forward,” he said.