Reading Claire Shefchik’s Feb. 22 article, “Tensions mount at Immigration,” makes us rather reluctant to come back to the Virgin Islands as we used to do every year since 1990.

Why would it not be possible to grant a tourist who provides proof of payment of accommodation and government taxes — as well as proof of a confirmed return flight — an entry period of at least 60 days?

It is rather demeaning if a tourist who has paid in advance $4,000 or more just for seven percent government taxes on his house rental is granted at the airport or at West End only a 30-day entry and has to apply for another two or three weeks prolongation to Immigration at Road Town, a procedure which even before Hurricane Irma took at least four hours.

The attitude of VI authorities is rather strange, considering that even United States border officials at Miami or San Juan grant us 90 days entry for transit to the VI without any hassle.

We would love to come back if we would be welcome.