Constable Germma Williams, winner of the wackiest hair style competition, poses as judges look on.

Three ladies came to slay at the Royal Virgins Police Force Talent Show on Sunday night, showing off their wacky hairdos.

Constables Karina Brea, Germma Williams and Tresan Sharpe competed in a “wackiest hairstyle” competition, with Ms. Williams emerging as the winner in a crowd-led decision. Her hair was tied into long pink-and-purple ropes, some looped over her head and others hanging almost to the floor behind her.

Local talent and crazy hairstyles were the highlight of the show on Sunday night — a part of the RVIPF’s Police Week 2019.

Sergeant Jacqueline Tom-Christopher, organiser of the event, said that rain likely deterred some people from attending, but she didn’t let that put a damper on the show.

“We want to see something that people can say, “Wow! that’s really different,” she said.

With more than a week of events celebrating the police force, Ms. Tom-Christopher said she was feeling tired from the busy schedule but it didn’t stop her from coming early to set up the event. Large white tents behind the Road Town Police Station were lined with strings of lights, and strobes set the mood. A stage was elevated in a viewing area with several rows of chairs setup for attendees.

First up were the Divinely Appointed dancers, a group of schoolgirls dressed in blue and white, who performed to a gospel song. Next, KG and Rico took the stage with a dance as well. The crowd eagerly awaited the hairstyle contest after that. Each contestant walked in front of the stage with her head covered by a scarf until the “big reveal.”

Ms. Brea sported a sequined suit and high heels, blue-and-white braids with “COP” spelled out in her hair, and a gun decal. Ms. Sharpe kept it cute and classy with a crop top, short and sneakers. She revealed rainbow coloured hair and a unicorn horn. The programme was shorter than intended because of some cancellations in performances.


In past years, police have held drill displays and variety shows for Police Week, which has been a staple of the force for more than two decades.

“[Police Week] is the only thing that we really have unless we decide ourselves that we’ll reach out to the community,” Ms. Tom-Christopher said. “That’s one of my main things. I like to mingle with the public; I like to go out there.”

The purpose of having Police Week each year, she said, is to have a “bridge between the public and the police” and open the force for feedback from the community.

Other events

Events for the 2019 Police Week began on Feb. 22 with Senior Bingo Night, followed by a fundraising walk and church service at the St.George’s Episcopal Church on Sunday.

Police recruits lost a debate over the issue of decriminalising cannabis against St. George’s Secondary School students on Feb.28. The next night, a large crowd showed up for a community bingo night.

The police stations at East End, Virgin Gorda and Cane Garden Bay hosted their own celebrations this week as well. On Sunday, the Road Town Police Station will hold a beach picnic at Long Bay to end Police Week. The public is welcome to attend and meet the officers.