A boat captain welcomes class one students from St. George’s Primary School on Friday. The students toured Village Cay Hotel and Marina as part of activities for their Career Day. Photo: NGOVOU GYANG

“If you want to be on a boat and you want to drive the boat, you have to have a captain’s licence,” Janet Oliver, executive director of the Charter Yacht Society, told a group of class one students from the St. George’s Primary School on Friday.


As part of their Career Day, most of the students were dressed as chefs, pilots, hotel receptionists, flight attendants or other hospitality professionals.

Ms. Oliver gave a tour of several boats docked at the Village Cay Marina while some of the captains explained their jobs.
“When you go to a boat, you knock on the hull, which is the body of the boat. And you say: ‘Permission to come on board,’” Ms. Oliver told the students. “We are not going to touch anything because they have spent days polishing and cleaning their boats so people who come to see it can see it in its best condition.”

Phillip Cardnell, the general manager of the Village Cay Hotel and Marina, was happy to see the students.

“They are the next generation,” Mr. Cardnell said. “I have been in the Caribbean for 20 years, and this is the first time I am seeing children brought here into the industry.”

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