The Office of the Supervisor of Elections has issued a schedule of important dates leading up to the April 24 general election, including information for voting early. (Photo: DANA KAMPA)

On March 15, Premier Dr. Natalio “Sowande” Wheatley set off a whirlwind of campaign activity with the announcement of the much-anticipated general election date. Most voters will head to the polls on April 24, and anyone eligible to vote early can participate on April 20.

The Office of the Supervisor of Elections also published a timeline of important dates leading up to the polls. Nomination Day is set for April 13 at the Multi-purpose Sports Complex, and the window for candidate withdrawal is April 14 to April 20.

Advanced polling

Last week, the office also announced April 20 as the advanced polling date. Voters for both advanced polling and election day must provide a valid form of government-issued identification, which can include a passport, belonger card, driver’s licence, National Health Insurance card, previously issued voter identification card, or a letter issued by the Civil Registry and Passport Office.

“New voter registration cards are being developed in accordance with the new elections management system, which will modernise the elections process and conform to the [United Kingdom] requirements for documents being used for issuance of passports in the Virgin Islands,” the office noted in a March 17 statement. “The public will be notified when the updated cards are ready.”

After providing valid identification, anyone who is at least 65 years old or differently abled can vote early, as can anyone assisting them with casting their ballot.

“The relative or friend can only assist one person and must also be a registered voter within the same electoral district as the person that they are assisting,” the office stated in a March 21 press release. “They will not be allowed to assist another voter on Polling Day.”

Other voters may be eligible for early polling as well, but they must first submit a form to the office by April 13. They include election officers, police officers, people with confirmed travel plans outside of the VI on Election Day, people on remand, nominated candidates, medical personnel, prison officers, social care providers, and people whose work schedules prevent them from voting on April 24. Voters will have to present proof of their eligibility.

Details of those document requirements are available at, and any early voting questions can be directed to or 468-4380.


Cabinet also issued a deadline of April 12 for candidates to submit their declaration notices for publication in the Gazette ahead of the election.

The cost is $25, and digital forms are available through the online Gazette portal. The window to submit to the publication opens on March 28. Cabinet’s Gazette Unit can provide guidance and can be reached at 468- 4336 or

Symbol designs

The Office of the Supervisor of Elections also reminded candidates that March 31 is the last day to submit their symbol design for either their party or their independent candidacy. Notices of nomination will also be published that day.

April 14 is the last day for candidates to name their polling and counting agents.