In November, Hasonya Jno-Lewis was granted bail after being charged with breach of a protection order, being armed with an offensive weapon, and using threatening language.


According to Ms. Jno-Lewis, she forgot about her case soon after, and missed her next court date. When police brought her before the court again on Friday, Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo said she wouldn’t be releasing Ms. Jno-Lewis on her own recognisance again.

“I acted in good faith and it came back to slap me very hard in the face when you told me this matter was not important to you; that it went out of your head,” Ms. Baptiste-DaBreo said Friday.

The judge ordered Ms. Jno-Lewis’ previous bail order revoked, and offered to extend a new bail agreement, but only if Ms. Jno-Lewis found someone to act as her surety. Asked if there was anyone to make sure that she appeared for her future dates, Ms. Jno-Lewis said no.

Prosecutors alleged that Ms. Jno-Lewis threatened another woman with a kitchen knife, saying, “I am going to kill you because you telling lies that I slashed your tyres and steal your phone.”

Ms. Jno-Lewis pleaded guilty to violating a protection order handed down by High Court Justice Nicola Byer, but pleaded not guilty to the other two charges.

She was remanded until her June 4 trial.