The Water and Sewerage Department recently purchased a new vehicle that officials said will help expand the department’s capacity. 

The Sewer 2100 Series Vactor Truck, which was received on Oct. 8, cost about $322,600, according to Government Information Services.

“We are excited that we finally received the truck, as we were without a truck for almost a year, which resulted in the department having high expenditure due to the outsourcing of work,” WSD Deputy Director Bernard Grant told the Department of Information and Public Relations.

Mr. Grant also outlined further benefits of the new vehicle.

“The truck is tremendously more efficient in clearing sewerage blocks and will assist the department in performing preventative maintenance such as the cleaning of the pump stations and sewerage manholes more efficiently,” he said. “The truck is also more durable and it is capable of operating on our high terrain.”

Additionally, the vehicle can operate as a trash pump, and can be operated at a distance from a targeted area due to an extendable boom, according to GIS.

WSD personnel are currently taking part in two-day training in the operation, maintenance and safety of the truck.