The jam-packed campaign season is finally starting to wind down, with the National Democratic Party and Virgin Islands Party releasing their manifestos during Road Town events on the nights of Saturday and Sunday, respectively.


The atmosphere at the NDP’s Youth Rally and Manifesto Presentation was as high-energy as a concert, with a few attendees literally dancing in the aisles as candidates’ songs played and attendees milled around the Sir Olva Georges Plaza at about 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.

The event got under way shortly thereafter, but with the exception of Premier Dr. Orlando Smith, the candidates themselves were content to keep their seats for this rally, letting the members of their NDP Youth Movement take the podium to talk about why they would be supporting the party in the June 8 election.

The rally also honoured four young people for their “service to the territory.” Hospital fundraiser Jaleel Cameron, and chefs Ariq Flax-Clarke, Allister Blyden and Tonya Malone each received cheques for $500 from the NDP.

At the VIP event on Sunday night in the plaza, party Chairman Julian Fraser touted the number of female candidates on his team as a sign of progress.

“Our team is a reflection of society,” he said.

The rally featured all six of the party’s female candidates giving speeches about the challenges facing women in the territory.

“Under a VIP government, we will reduce, we will reduce – with the view of eliminating – the need for trading sexual favours when seeking any form of governmental assistance,” said VIP Fifth District candidate Zoe Walcott-McMillan.

The NDP has launched all of its candidates, and the VIP will finish its launch rallies with a rally for First District incumbent Andrew Fahie on Wednesday.


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