Until Sept. 16, Virgin Islands residents are invited to submit comments on the suitability of applicants for the Climate Change Trust Fund Board of Trustees.

Comments were invited last Thursday for a period of 30 days in keeping with the VI Climate Change Trust Fund Act, according to government.

At the close of the comment period on Sept. 16, board members will be selected and appointed by Deputy Premier Dr. Kedrick Pickering, the minister of natural resources and labour.

A total of 27 people have applied for membership on the board through a public process that ran from Feb. 11 to July 15, according to government.

“I am pleased with the number and calibre of persons who took up this noble challenge and have offered themselves to serve on this important board,” said NRL Permanent Secretary Ronald Smith-Berkeley. “The success of the trust fund rests heavily on the ability and commitment of its board, and I wish to thank all those participating in the process.”

Mr. Smith-Berkeley added that comments should be submitted in a hardcopy letter addressed to him or e-mailed to climatechangebvi@gov.vg.

The Climate Change Trust Fund is an independent fund dedicated to raising monies to help the territory adapt to the impacts of climate change and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions by increasing energy efficiency and integrating alternative energy systems, according to government.

Following its appointment, the board will have executive control of the fund and make final decisions on all applications for funding.

In March 2015, the VI became the first Caribbean island to pass legislation establishing such a fund. The act came into force on Jan. 1, triggering various processes to get the trust operational, including establishment of its first board.

The board will be made up of nine people, including six representatives from the private sector and civil society, from which applicants and nominees were sought.


Climate Change Trust Fund board applicants

Monique Adams

Akilah Anderson

Susan Babson

Benedict Bamford

Eva Baskin

Colin Bramble

Shelly Bend

Edward Childs

Dominic Clyde-Smith

Dr. Karl Dawson

Rosemary Delaney-Smith

Stephanie Faulker Williams

Michael Fonseca

Karen Fraser

Shannon Gore

John Klein

Saskie Laing

Ronnie Lettsome

John Lewis

Charlotte McDevitt

Lionel Penn II

Douglas Riegels

Pauline Robinson

Nelson Samuel

Mitsy Simpson

Sarai Smith

Chezley Stoddard