A consultant retained by government reported that legal, sanctioned drag racing is feasible in the Virgin Islands, Education and Culture Minister Andrew Fahie told the House of Assembly on Tuesday.

Last June government announced that New Direction Consultancy was awarded a $96,500 contract “administered in a phased manner,” with phase one including the feasibility study, Mr. Fahie said.

“The first phase of the contract was $24,125, and the balance of the contract being engaged solely hinged on the feasibility study yielding a positive result,” the minister said.

Cabinet has approved the consultant’s findings and the recommendation to make drag racing an established sport, Mr. Fahie said. Now, the consultant will move to the second phase of the contract: drafting legislation and regulations for the sport, Mr. Fahie said. The draft legislation will be sent to the ministry, then to Cabinet; upon Cabinet approval, it will move to the HOA, Mr. Fahie said.

See the April 21, 2011 edition for full coverage.