A Dominican Republic man who illegally entered the territory with a bag containing $66,000 was sentenced on Monday to six months in prison.

Eddy Medina Baez, 42, pleaded guilty Monday to charges of illegal entry, giving false information to police and failing to declare monies of more than $10,000.

According to a police press release, Mr. Baez was observed on July 22, “being dropped off by an unknown person on a speedboat in the area of Cane Garden Bay.”

He didn’t have identification on him, tried to evade authorities, and attempted to hide the bag with the money, the release stated.

Magistrate Tamia Richards told Mr. Baez that she didn’t believe his story that the money was to be used to buy concrete blocks. She referenced the sentencing principle of deterrence and said the territory cannot be seen as a “thoroughfare” for illegal entry and illegal activity.

Mr. Baez’s attorney, Marie-Lou Creque, had asked the court for a non-custodial sentence. In addition to the prison time, he was given the option of paying $3,400 in fines or serving another six-month sentence, which would run concurrently with the first one.

Ms. Richards also ordered that the $66,000 be confiscated by police.

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