A study assessing a $30 million proposal for the Nanny Cay Marina found that the plans to significantly expand the marina and boatyard may affect the nearby environment but that the effects can be mitigated.

An environmental impact assessment recently filed with the Town and Country Planning Department states that the project could lead to potential loss of mangroves and shallow water tidal flats.

According to the EIA, the plan calls for the expansion of the boatyard to accommodate an extra 100 boats and for the construction of a new marina on the southern side of the cay to provide an additional 120 slips. The plans also call for a helipad, a customs and immigration facility, a swimming pool, and a relocated tennis court. The Planning Authority previously approved plans for townhouse and luxury residential units.

The report, written by Econcerns Ltd., states that the proposed development would “dramatically alter the existing coastline and will contribute to the loss of the stabilising shoreline.”

But the marina’s developer, Cameron McColl, said the company will make efforts to minimise the impact of the development.

“In the construction process itself, I’m concerned that we do it as efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way as we can,” he said.

See the March 24, 2011 edition for full coverage.