The government has been working to try to find housing for a man who has been living at The Stickett in East End, Health and Social Development Minister Carvin Malone said in last week’s House of Assembly meeting in response to questions from Opposition Leader Marlon Penn.

“The individual in question continues to be reminded of the housing options currently available, including family accommodations and residence at the Safe Haven Transitional Centre, which is a facility established by the government to meet the needs of individuals experiencing chronic homelessness,” Mr. Malone said on March 10.

He added that his ministry is also “exploring community-based long-term housing solutions for persons of limited means who do not have access to private property.”

“The ministry has successfully negotiated and has agreed with a landlord to acquire property in Long Look to build a fit-for-purpose facility for this individual and others in similar circumstances,” he said.

He added that land located southwest of The Stickett was purchased right next to land already owned by government. However, he added that the exact location of where the housing will be built is the “particular issue.”

Mr. Malone said Deputy Premier Dr. Natalio “Sowande” Wheatley, who represents the Seventh District, helped facilitate the transaction.

“Social housing has been a longstanding issue in this territory, that has been even more compounded by the catastrophic events of 2017,” Mr. Malone said. “Despite this fact, Mr. Speaker, the ministry will continue to allocate available resources and pursue alternatives that would ultimately aim to address the pervading issue.”

Mr. Penn, who represents the Eighth District, noted that he has been asking about this housing issue for two years and questioned the timeline for constructing a 20-foot-by-20- foot housing structure.

“I will again implore that we do something to fast-track this process of getting this member into a home and not being exposed under The Stickett on a daily basis,” Mr. Penn said.