The Seniors’ Sunset Tea Party was held at Benjamin A. Romney Park in West End on Sunday. (Photo: ZARRIN TASNIM AHMED)

More than 100 people attended the annual Seniors’ Sunset Tea Party on Sunday at Benjamin A. Romney Park in West End.

Under large canopy tents, lines of tables decorated in festive colours were set for attendees, who came from across Tortola as well as Jost Van Dyke.

“The seniors enjoyed themselves,” said organiser Olympia Donovan, Carrot Bay Senior Engagement Programme manager. “They were able to socialise and be entertained.”

Events throughout the afternoon included poetry readings, a game of “The Price is Right,” and a hat parade.

Senior Gregory Smith spoke during the event, listing the health benefits of different plants and bushes.

“The green bushes are very good because you get a lot of alkaline. If you have a headache, you can use a soursop. If you can’t sleep, you use a few leaves of soursop. Don’t overdo it ’cause you might not wake back up,” he said. “If you have diarrhoea, you can take the very young leaves from the top of the guava, and it’s very good for that.”

Musicians from the Zion Hills Methodist Church played steel pans and performed songs throughout the programme. Youth dancers also took the stage.

Chairwoman Angelle Cameron played trivia with the seniors, asking them to identify plants by looking at their leaves. She also shared tidbits about the benefits of different leaves that can be used for teas.

The event was part of Seniors Month, which is observed each May. This year’s theme was “Age My Way,” according to Ms. Donovan.

Earlier this month, seniors gathered for a church service, and open houses were held at the Carrot Bay Senior Engagement Centre and at the Adina Donovan Home for the Elderly.

Other activities include the Senior Games 2022, which will be held at the Multi-purpose Sports Complex on May 27, and a day sail to Virgin Gorda on May 31.

Ms. Donovan said up to 40 seniors attend the Carrot Bay Senior Engagement Programme, taking part in crafts, baking and outdoor activities. The programme also includes guest speakers.

“When the pandemic hit, the programme was closed for a while,” Ms. Donovan recalled. “Since then, we always try to practise safe protocols at the centre.”

She added that the centre falls under the Social Development Department.