Black eyes, blurred vision, which seemed quite unreal
They secretly cried
And some even died.
In silent appeal
Afraid to spill the beans and squeal,
In their hearts women wept, yet their voices were unheard.
“Tek yuh blows an’ shut up – yuh musn’t say a word!”
Men coming home drunk in the middle of the night
Picking on their women, anxious to fight.
“If he no bang me, he no love me” the victims used to say,
A trend, recognised as domestic violence today.
Broken bones, bruises – what a story they tell
Living in fear of reprisals, victims murmur, “I fell”
Afraid to let the cat out of the bag
For fear of how loose tongues would wag
They suffer in silence
And in their unbelief
They refuse help
But would welcome sweet relief.
“Take me away, gentle death”
They would quietly whisper under their breath.
Some men, too,
Beaten black and blue
Fearing ridicule and scorn
Wish they’d never been born.
Reluctant to face
This obvious disgrace
They try desperately to hide
Nothing but their foolish pride.
Bewildered children, scarred for life
Replicate this treatment
With husband and wife
When they are grown
And on their own.
Jealousy rears its ugly head
Another victim … pronounced dead.
It’s high time we break the silence
And put an end to domestic violence.