On Friday, scores of people gathered at U.P.’s Cineplex to watch a short video filmed by Dane Hunter , a 10th grade student at Cedar International School.

The video was called “Hooky,” and told the story of a school principal and a student who needed a break. They both skipped school on the same day, and happened to run into each other on the beach.

CIS mathematics teacher Doug Bradley acted as the principal, Mr. Hunter as the student.

“Hooky is an American term for taking a day off from school,” Mr. Hunter said. “Students my age usually think of skipping school or taking a day off.”

The teenager learned about filming from his parents, professional filmmakers who run Channel 1 in the VI. “I’ve been involved in filming Jazz on the Hill, weddings and events at Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island,” Mr. Hunter said.

But “Hooky” was the first film he shot by himself. Mr. Hunter said he felt a sense of pride as he showcased his film. “It was fun, and good to see that it was shown at U.P.’s,” the 10th grader said.

He added that the video took him about two months to complete.


The full article appears in the March 3, 2011 issue.