In a quiet ceremony attended by family and close friends on Aug. 12, Robelteen Smith, the territory’s oldest resident, celebrated her 106th birthday.


Relatives who attended the ceremony visited from near and far, said Pearl Smith, one of the centenarian’s eight children.

Premier Dr. Orlando Smith also visited the centenarian, who he called “a valued and cherished member of our society.”

Though Ms. Smith is unable to move or communicate as well as she used to, she was in high spirits, according her daughter.

“She is still holding on and was very alert and very happy on that day,” Ms. Smith said on Monday. “It’s a great feeling knowing God has blessed her with long life and she has peace of mind.”

During her birthday last year, many described the centenarian as a generous and well-liked person.
“She’s a nice person,” said Carol Wright, her caretaker. “She is very quiet and patient. I don’t have any problem with her. When she gets vexed, it’s not for long.”