Police announced this week that they will hold a re-opening ceremony for the West End Police Station at 3 p.m. on Friday.


In a press release issued Tuesday, police invited the public, “in particular the West End community,” to attend the short ceremony, at which light refreshments will be served.

Police said last month that the station had been re-opened part-time after repairs were completed, but it wasn’t operating around the clock. Full 24/7 operations at the station are scheduled to resume Sunday.

Dennis Jones, the chief inspector in charge of the western and eastern police districts, said he is eager to settle back into the station and re-establish relationships with West End community partners.

“West End is one of the nicest communities to police,” Mr. Jones said. “Most of those who live here have been here for years. They love this community and are protective of it. I and my officers are here to provide the support needed to keep this community safe and protected.”

Refurbishment and repairs at the station included replacing windows, installing new security and fire systems, painting inside and out, and installing an air-conditioning system, a new roof, and plumbing and electrical works. All told, the works cost about $318,000, according to government.