Software installation started last week for the territory’s new 911 call centre, government announced Friday.

After the Florida-based MobileTec International, Inc., completes the installation process, the centre will be able to dispatch the emergency agencies more efficiently, according to Project Manager Russell Jones.

In addition to a 911 calling system, MobileTec will provide in-field systems and data routing, Mr. Jones said, explaining that once a call is received, the centre will be able to find the emergency even without the caller identifying their location.

Installation of additional lines by the three local telecom providers is expected to follow the installation of MobileTec so that all residents and visitors will have access to the system around the clock.

Training for involved officers is scheduled to begin soon after the software is installed.

Once the call centre is operational, it will be collaboratively manned by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, the VI Fire and Rescue Service, and emergency medical technicians on a three-shift system for 24 hours a day.

The centre will be housed at the Peebles Hospital, and the project is being spearheaded by the Ministry of Health and Social Development.