On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, shots were fired on Tortola, and one man was hospitalised.

The Police Information Office didn’t release any information about the incidents until Tuesday night, when Police Information Officer Diane Drayton responded to a Monday query from the Beacon.

The first shooting, she stated, took place on Friday in Horse Path.

A man who was outside his home during the incident was injured and taken to Peebles Hospital. He continues to receive treatment, Ms. Drayton said.

The following night, “an attempt was made on the life” of another man during another shooting incident in the Horse Path area.

Police reported that the man received no injuries.

On Sunday night, officers received a report that gunfire was heard around the area of Baughers Bay. No injuries were reported in that case either, Ms. Drayton said.

Police investigations are ongoing in all three matters. The information officer said no further details could be provided.

The previous weekend, two men were killed after being gunned down near the BVI Red Cross building in Road Town.

Michael Stevens, 26, and Clevaughn Sweeney, 24, both of Huntums Ghut, were allegedly shot during a drive-by shooting around 4 a.m. on Feb. 10 only a short distance from the Road Town Police Station.