The leader of Antigua and Barbuda said last week that he is “feeling more encouraged than I ever have before” about resolving a long-running dispute with United States authorities over Internet gambling.

Baldwin Spencer, the islands’ prime minister, met with US Vice-President Joe Biden at a Caricom summit held in Trinidad on June 4.

After Mr. Spencer raised the issue of the US’ restrictions on the country’s online gaming industry during one of the summit’s public forums, the two leaders spoke privately on the issue, according to a press release from the Antigua government.

“I think we were able to use the opportunity of this meeting with [Mr.] Biden to bring our case more sharply into focus with the US administration and to gain momentum for a final settlement,” Mr. Spencer was quoted as saying.

The release did not offer specifics of any solution to the dispute, but Mr. Spencer said the country’s talks with the Office of the US Trade Representative would be speeded up.

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