Since the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport reopened in December 2020, it has processed more than 10,300 entrants to the Virgin Islands, more than 7,500 of whom were visitors, Premier Andrew Fahie said on May 13 in the House of Assembly. (File Photo: TODD VAN SICKLE)

Since the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport reopened to tourists last December, 7,554 visitors arrived there through April 21, eclipsing the 2,805 belongers, work permit holders, and other residents who entered the territory by plane in the same period, Premier Andrew Fahie said May 13 in the House of Assembly. 

The airport saw 1,785 visitors in December, a monthly tally that dipped to 1,008 in January and has been rising since, Mr. Fahie said in response to a question from Opposition Leader Marlon Penn. 

There were 1,016 visitor airport arrivals in February; 1,853 in March; and 1,894 in April as of April 21, the most recent date Mr. Fahie provided. 

Between December 2020 and April 21, meanwhile, 1,704 belongers, 889 work permit holders, and 212 residents entered the territory through the airport, Mr. Fahie said. 

He added that the airport saw the arrival of 455 belongers in December; 399 in January; 280 in February; 343 in March; and 227 between April 1 and April 21. 

Meanwhile, 208 work permit holders arrived in December; 290 in January; 121 in February; 147 in March; and 123 in April up to April 21, according to the premier. 

Mr. Fahie said that 59 other residents arrived at the airport in December; 21 in January; 42 in February; 39 in March; and between 36 and 46 in April up to April 21. 


Responding to another question from Mr. Penn, Mr. Fahie also provided a breakdown of how many people arrived at the VI’s seaports between April 15, when they opened to international ferries, and April 26. 

The number of visitors who arrived by sea during this period, 179, is greater than the combined total of all the belongers, residents, and work permit holders who arrived by sea in the same timeframe, Mr. Fahie said. 

According to the premier, between April 15 and April 26, 94 belongers, 20 work permit holders and four other residents were processed through the Road Town ferry terminal.