In the Virgin Islands, you can drive a 50-foot go-fast motorboat and plough through anchorages at high speed, making all kinds of racket with a 1,000-horsepower motor as long as you can afford the gas. You can drive a super heavy duty pickup, even though you can’t park it properly and it never sees heavy work. You can drive a Humvee or an Exhibition with a 500-horsepower engine burning up fuel at a wanton rate — and with added performance exhaust noise enhancement. Yet you cannot ride a motorbike with more than 125cc!

This Easy Rider wants to own a cruiser like the police, yet I cannot. This is all due to a few people who will remain nameless who in 1985 drove their bikes from one end of the island to the other on so-called crotch rockets, making all kinds of racket late at night. Instead of policing the issue like they did last week, government officials made a dumb law about the limit to the power of bikes.

Today we still have the same few who continue to remove silencers from the scooters. We still have the same racket, yet we as bikers are being discriminated against because we can’t choose the ride we want. The reason the police ride cruiser bikes is because they are safer and more comfortable, not because they are faster!

It is high time for the government to revisit these laws, including jet skis and all-terrain vehicles. It might help with tourism also. There is no hog heaven here!