Brexit could very well be the swan song of the United Kingdom, with England going its way to become the world’s largest financial offshore destination and Scotland and Northern Ireland becoming countries of the European Union.

Now, civil wars are nasty affairs. Why? Because they are fought within a country’s borders between kith and kin.

Usually civil wars are fought over matters where over half, or a very significant subset of the population, cannot agree with the other half. Think of the American Civil War, the Spanish Civil War, and the Cuban Revolutionary War.

And make no mistake. Brexit is very much a civil war, albeit fought in hearts and minds and with the use of social, civil and legal institutions and instruments, and not guns and bullets.

Brexit is furthermore a culture war. Brexiteers are a mainly English nationalist grouping who appear not to mind kicking the UK to the kerb to promote an England-first populism.

Like Donald Trump’s Pitch Fork Revolution, Brexit is a far right affair, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and House of Commons Leader Jacob Rees Mogg at the helm of an army of English “revolutionaries” who want the UK out of the EU come what may, at any cost.


PM Johnson

Now Mr. Johnson has decided on Brexit, and he wants a hard Brexit. That means leaving the EU on Oct. 31 come what may, and without a deal with the EU.

Mr. Johnson has asked the Queen for a temporary suspension of Parliament, to stop members of Parliament debating Brexit.

The Queen, by convention, is obligated to act on a request by the ruling government.

This is a good move for Brexiteers, who know they can only get their dream through aggressive action.


‘Stable’ EU

And here is the irony. The EU appears a very stable and solid federation compared with a UK that is simply tearing itself apart.

Then, it is clear Brexiteers could not give a “hoot” about the UK. Brexit is all about England — and a greater England at that.

The problem is that a greater England is very much a little England. And the Remainers, especially in Scotland and Northern Ireland, are the adults in the room.


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