We, the BVI Cancer Society, are deeply saddened and distressed by the ongoing open burning

situation that continues to affect our beloved residents in the Third District and across the

entire western end of Tortola. Our hearts are heavy with the knowledge that our fellow

citizens are breathing in toxic fumes, and we cannot ignore the potential impact this may have

on their health and well-being.

We have received numerous calls from concerned residents, who fear for themselves and

their families. They worry about the correlation between the harmful smoke and what

appears to be a rising number of cancer cases in the area. As an advocate for health issues in

the territory, we cannot stand idly by while our people suffer.


A ‘territorial’ concern

The BVI Cancer Society is resolute in its stance that this is a territorial health concern. We

implore the current and future governments to take this situation seriously and act swiftly to

alleviate the distress of our fellow citizens. We cannot ignore the very real consequences of

this issue, as it impacts not only the health of our residents, but also the environmental health of our beautiful islands.

During the past weekend, we received heart-breaking reports of individuals struggling to

breathe and feeling trapped by the relentless smoke in their homes. This is a clear indication

that the situation has reached a critical level, and the time for change is now.


Public awareness

The BVI Cancer Society pledges to continue monitoring this issue and to keep it at the

forefront of public awareness until tangible actions are taken to resolve it. The entire territory

deserves to live in a safe and healthy environment, and as an advocacy organisation the BVI

Cancer Society is lending its voice by calling on the incoming government to commit to placing

this health-compromising issue as a priority.

We also call upon our government, community leaders, and citizens to join us in the face of

this pressing concern, by demanding an explanation as to why the incinerator remains in this