Dear Governor Gus Jaspert and Police Commissioner Michael Matthews:

I have written to you both numerous times about the drag racing that started about two months ago from 6 p.m. to midnight every day, but sad to say motorbikers (unemployed) continue to race. They have obviously removed the mufflers from bikes with the result that there has been an unbearable assault on the ears of residents of Road Town and McNamara to Sea Cows Bay Drive daily for this extended period of time.

I have been promised that a long-term solution is in the making, but this matter has only gotten worse as bikers — many of whom are unlicensed and without helmets and other appropriate gear — continue to race up and down our streets without let or hindrance until the early hours of the morning. Sometimes, as I have said to you before, they go so far as to pop wheelies in the middle of traffic.

There are those bikers who are working legitimately as couriers with whom I have no problem, but this relentless assault is wrong and shows a complete abdication of responsibility by the police for law and order. I personally am forced to telephone every night at 11:30 asking for some assistance in ending the racket, but surely the police can at least bring an end to the noise nuisance that is created without having to be prompted to do so.

Please, sirs, I am again appealing to you to do what has to be done to stop this assault. As I write this email its 12:06 a.m. and the noise is continuing unabated despite my appeal for help!

I know that this is not a problem in Road Town alone: Everyone I speak to throughout the territory is experiencing the same problem. Surely this is the time to act before it becomes too late and we not only drive our residents crazy but send our visitors looking for peace and quiet elsewhere.