Two of the five men sought by United States officials on cocaine trafficking charges are challenging the legality of Crown prosecutors’ renewed efforts to extradite them, their lawyers said.

Herbert McKenzie, who represents Earl “Bob” Hodge, and Menelik Miller, the attorney for Chad Skelton, both told Magistrate Tamia Richards Friday that they had filed applications seeking leave to apply for judicial review of Governor Boyd McCleary’s October “order to proceed” with their clients’ extradition.

Messrs. Hodge and Skelton, along with Carlston Beazer, Roberto “Tico” Harrigan and Juan Valdez, are accused of participating in a 13-year conspiracy to transport thousands of kilograms of cocaine from Latin America through the Virgin Islands to the United States.

If extradited, they likely will face trial at the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida along with Roberto Mendez-Hurtado, who prosecutors have referred to as an alleged “drug lord,” and seven other defendants who face money laundering and drug trafficking charges.

Though he told the magistrate Friday that he has not filed an application to seek leave for judicial review yet on behalf of Mr. Valdez, attorney Stephen Daniels said he intends to do so soon.


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