Events over the last few weeks have strengthened the case for implementing the remaining recommendations of the observers’ report on the 2015 general election, most of which are expected to be repeated in the upcoming final report this year.

Particularly important are measures regulating election expenses and creating a media regulator.

Recently, we have witnessed questionable behaviour by Mark Vanterpool and the speaker of the House, both of whose actions have raised profound constitutional issues. However, the premier’s decision to appoint such a controversial citizen to a post which requires the trust and respect of all members of the House has bewildered many Virgin Islands Party supporters as well as their political opponents. It would appear that the speaker may have some sort of hold over the premier.

The former National Democratic Party-led government, meanwhile, may have deliberately ignored the 2015 recommendations that it should regulate both campaign expenses and the mass/social media because it was concealing its own support from business donors.