Driving in Tortola has always been a challenge, but now we have some new issues. The motorbike operators seem to have their own rules — or should I say they ignore existing rules?

What would happen if car drivers behaved like the many irresponsible bikers? What if they all decided to drive as fast as they wanted when and wherever they wanted? What if they all decided to play their radios or sound systems as loud as possible? What if they all removed their mufflers, or modified them to be very loud? What if they all decided to create a new traffic lane down the centre of any roadway, which could be used in either direction?

There also seems to be an uncontrollable urge that every car should be overtaken either by another car or a motorbike. Recently while driving on a curvy road at night, I was overtaken by a car that was being overtaken by a motorbike as traffic approached in the opposite direction.

On several occasions a motorbike using the “newly created centre lane” has overtaken me but needed some of my lane — forcing me to move out of the way.

These are all dangerous situations for the operators of the car as well as the motorbike.

Where are the police? Traffic laws are established to create a safe environment for all types of vehicles and to prevent accidents. The laws need to be enforced.