My husband, Jim Troup, suddenly lost his sight in the midst of the recent Covid-19 outbreak. Our lives, we feared, were about to change forever.

However, we now know that he will be okay thanks to quick action from the BVI Health Services Authority hotline, Damion Grange of the concierge service, the staff of Dr. Orlando Smith Hospital, and Dr. Rodriguez, who facilitated the delicate emergency surgery by ophthalmologist Dr. Byron Biscoe that saved my husband’s vision.

This was our second great experience at the hospital. Eight years ago, I had my own crisis that was met with the greatest compassion and expertise that I, a United States native who has been treated many times in the US through the years, have ever received.

That my husband’s crisis was resolved when the system here was already overwhelmed makes it all the more remarkable. Still, it was a nail-biting experience to go through when things are shut down, and it may not have worked out.

So to those who still resist vaccinations, this is an example of the hardships you are causing for us all.