Dear Digicel,

Congratulations to the ownership and marketing and salespeople. You apparently convinced certain members of our government (or whoever) that you could come in and do a better job of providing better internet and cell phone service to us, the people of the Virgin Islands. However, the “service” side of the entire proposal has not come to pass (if it was a promise to begin with).​

We have a property in West End and have not been getting much internet reception at all, whereas our neighbours have no problem. We stood in line at your office for about 45 minutes to hear that “upgrades were happening” and to receive an apology. We then purchased a new router, and when the “supervisor” finally came out with it to explain how it worked, she didn’t know anything about “service upgrades” in our area when we asked when they would be completed!

We took the router back home and — yay — it worked! We were able to get internet service maybe once or twice a day for short periods of time! I don’t know about anyone else, but to me that doesn’t seem right.​

Someone in the government has said that “these types” of service problems were going to be addressed. Again, yay! Let’s see what actually happens.​

It would be so nice to see a company as large as Digicel actually provide good service to all of us who are paying a lot of money for such a service! Again, we’ll see.​